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    The Time Course of a Perceptual Decision: Linking Neural Correlates of Pre-stimulus Brain State, Decision Formation and Response Evaluation. Bin Lou, January 30, 2015, at 1:00PM, BME conference...

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    Ciliary and flagellar motility: From single molecules to collective motion, Jonathon Howard, Yale. 11:00am, Jan 23, 2015, Schermerhorn 614.

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    Thesis Defense: Gesthimani Samiotak, Quantitative analysis of the focused-ultrasound induced blood-brain barrier opening in vivo for drug delivery for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases...

  • Katherine Reuther, Ph.D., Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University. Soft Tissue Adaptation and Injury in the Shoulder: Causes and...

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    Multiscale Mechanobiology of Primary Cilia, Thursday, November 13th @ 10 am, BME Conference Room (ET351)


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