BME team wins $10,000 grant

Jun 14 2016
BME team, Empower Pump, recently won a $10,000 cFund Ignition Grant through Columbia Engineering.
Empower Pump is a device for comfortable and discreet breast milk expression and collection, designed for use by mothers in the workplace. The team consists of Elizabeth Hulphers (MS student, BME) with support from Krista Durney (PhD student, BME) and Robert Nims (PhD student, MechE), and will use the Ignition Grant to continue developing the device in the next year.  
cFund Ignition Grants are awarded by Columbia Engineering to support the initial stages of early venture development of student startups. The device was originally designed by Elizabeth Hulphers, Camden Esancy, Lena Wang (M.S. students, BME) as a part of the Biomedical Design course, taught by Professor Katherine Reuther.
Congratulations to Empower Pump!