Undergraduate Advising

Advising in BME is centered on close interactions between students and BME faculty advisors, who provide counseling regarding the BME major, career planning, and student life.  Students are assigned BME faculty advisors as soon as they enter the department.  To further meet the needs of the students, Mr. James Ihn, the BME full-time Student Affairs Manager, is available to meet with them.  The Student Affairs Manager is available to all BME students Monday through Friday, 9:00 am- 5:00pm and beyond.

The Department believes that through this enhancement in BME student advising, students can more effectively be advised.  Mr. Ihn’s role is to handle the administrative aspects of student advising such as course planning for registration each semester.  As mentioned previously, students are encouraged to seek out their faculty adviser to receive additional guidance on questions relating to technical course elections, how to engage in research opportunities, as well as career, graduate or professional education options.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with Mr. Ihn each semester to ensure their timely graduation, and will receive an email inviting them to schedule an advising appointment prior to registration period.  Student advising can occur in a group advising session, or one-on-one with Mr. Ihn or with your faculty advisor. It is important to note that the BME advising system complements that of the deans at the Center for Student Advising (CSA) as well as advisers at the Center for Career Education.  For instance, questions regarding non-technical courses may be referred to CSA, whereas CSA may refer students with detailed questions about the major to BME. 

For specific questions, please reach out to Mr. James Ihn at: ji2234@columbia.edu

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