Special Seminar, 12/13/07 at 3:00PM

The UTEP W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation (Keck Center) is an engineering laboratory focused on multi-disciplinary biomedical research. The Keck Center?s research hinges on the development and use of additive layered manufacturing technologies that allow for fabrication of complex three-dimensional shapes by successively manufacturing thin slices of a desired object and stacking them together one layer at a time. As examples, these technologies are being used to fabricate patient-specific anatomical shapes for use in pre-surgical planning, surgery, medical device development, cardiovascular flow research, tissue engineering, and more. The Keck Center is the premier facility of its kind in the world occupying over 6,100-square-feet with combined facilities for advanced manufacturing, cardiovascular hemodynamics (experimental fluid mechanics), and tissue engineering including polymer synthesis, scaffold fabrication and cell culture capabilities. This presentation will provide an overview of the exciting activities underway and technologies used within the Keck Center directed at biomedical research and improving patient outcomes.


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