Joint Faculty

  • Gerard Ateshian

    242 S. W. Mudd
    500 West 120th Street, Mail Code: 4703
    New York , NY 10027

    Phone: +1 212-854-8602
    Fax: +1 212-854-3304

    Research Areas:

    Cartilage mechanics, biotribology, and tissue engineering, diarthrodial joint mechanics, soft tissue mechanics, computer-assisted surgery.
    Lab Web Site

  • Shunichi Homma
  • Vivek Iyer
    Vivek Iyer
    622 W 168th St
    New York NY 10032
    Office Phone: (212)342-4566
  • Edward F. Leonard

    812 S. W. Mudd
    500 West 120th Street, Mail Code: 4721
    New York , NY 10027

    Phone: +1 212-854-4448
    Fax: +1 212-854-3054

    Research Areas:

    Blood-material interactions, immunophysics, modeling intracellular signaling.
    Lab Web Site

  • Elizabeth S. Olson

    P&S 11-452
    630 West 168th Street
    New York, NY 10032

    Phone: +1 212-305-3993 +1 212-305-4045

    Research Areas:

    Mechanics of hearing: Transmission of sound through the middle ear, the basis for frequency tuning in the inner ear, in particular the operation of the cochlear amplifier. Cochlear implants.
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  • Michael P. Sheetz
    Michael P. Sheetz
    713 Fairchild Center, M.C. 2408
    New York, NY 10027
    Office Phone: (212)-854-4857
    Lab Phone: (212)-854-8002
    Fax: (212)-865-8246
  • Kenneth L. Shepard

    1312 S. W. Mudd
    500 West 120th Street, Mail Code: 4712
    New York, NY 10027

    Phone: +1 646 205 0438

    Research Areas:

    Bioelectronics, biotic/abiotic interfaces, single-molecule diagnostics, CMOS integrated circuit design for biomedical applications
    Lab Web Site

  • Milan N. Stojanovic
    Milan N. Stojanovic

    P&S 8-463
    United States

    Phone: +1 212-305-6338

    Research Areas:

    Developing self-operating molecular automata, programmed to process information and respond in therapeutically useful ways; sensor arrays for high-resolution analysis and classification of samples of bodily fluids; and molecules that walk and self-organize through well-defined sets of local interactions.

    Full Profile; Lab Web Site

  • Stavros Thomopoulos
    Carroll Laboratories of Orthopedic Research
    Columbia University
    Black Building, Room 1408
    650 W 168 ST
    New York, NY 10032-3702
    Phone: 212-305-5124
    Research Areas:

    Development, structure-function, repair, and tissue engineering of the tendon-to-bone attachment.

    Lab Web Site

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