Mt Sinai School of Medicine Early Admission Program

Mount Sinai School of Medicine has developed a new early admission track for outstanding undergraduate students majoring in selected sciences and hoping to pursue clinical medicine and translational biomedical research. The Science and Medicine Program (SciMed) is an innovative early admissions program that offers science-oriented college sophomoreswho are interested in a career in medicine and research the chance to gain early acceptance to Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

The school will accept applications from students majoring in engineering, computer science, genetics, or mathematics. The application deadline is February 15th, 2012.  SciMed will recruit up to ten students per year, and students from any undergraduate institution may apply.

The link to the application is:

This program assures highly motivated undergraduates provisional admission to Mount Sinai School of Medicine upon successful completion of program requirements and graduation from their undergraduate institution. SciMed allows undergraduate students to pursue a personalized yet rigorous science curriculum, without having to take the traditional pre-med requirements or the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Students admitted under the SciMed track will be required to take one year of biology and chemistry. Once accepted, they must follow specific requirements that include participating in structured, mentored research and producing a senior thesis, or equivalent scholarly work.   We are excited about this new early entrance program and we hope you can spread the word among your undergraduate students.      

Valerie Parkas, MD
Associate Dean of Admissions
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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