Coulter Foundation Early Career Awards at Columbia BME

Professors Helen Lu and Elisa Konofagou have both received prestigious Phase II funding from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation awards Early Career research grants to young faculty in Biomedical Engineering. Phase I funding provides two years of support for a project that encompasses translational research, with an emphasis on development towards clinical trials and commercialization. Professors Lu and Konofagou received Phase I funding in 2005. Phase II supports continued translational growth of the project, and Professors Lu and Konofagou were selected as two of only five Phase II award recipients this year.

Professor Elia Konofagou's project is in collaboration with Dr. Shunichi Homma, and is entitled "Development of an elastocardiography prototype system for automated detection of heart disease."

Professor Helen Lu's project is in collaboration with Dr. Scott Rodeo and is entitled "Novel Tissue Engineered Triphasic Scaffold for the Biological Fixation of Tendon Grafts to Bone."

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia also has two other current recipients of Phase I funding (awarded in 2006): Professors Sam Sia and Elizabeth Hillman.

Professor Sam Sia's project is in collaboration with Dr. William Rodriguez and is entitled "BioMEMS Device for Counting of CD4+ Lymphocytes."

Professor Elizabeth Hillman's project is in collaboration with Dr. Désirée Ratner and is entitled "Development of depth-resolved optical imaging for melanoma margin mapping and invasion depth determination."

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